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This is how I plan to help Ward 8

While Mississauga remains a wonderful city, there are still many issues we must address. As a northern country, our weather can be very difficult to deal with as we enter the colder seasons and we need to be prepared to combat the problems that arise. Our roads severely suffer from the rough weather in the winter and must be managed appropriately to maintain a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians alike. I plan to invest in the services we depend on during the months of winter, such as ensuring that roads are plowed, salted and safe for travel. An important way to accomplish this goal is by measuring how effective our current strategies and tactics are. We can do this by using analytical technology to compare how the flow of traffic is impacted between snowy days and non-snowy days and make changes to optimize our effectiveness. Our roads are essential in Ward 8 and I assure you that our roads will be safe and clean.

A large goal for my campaign is to guarantee a useful and proper utilization of our city’s resources. Oftentimes, money is allocated towards issues that are not currently necessary to resolve and thus does not contribute to the longevity of our city and the real issues that affect us remain unresolved. Through direct communication with all of you, the people of Mississauga and the residents of Ward 8, I will focus on resolving the issues that plague our day to day lives and ensure that our precious tax money and resources are being utilized in the right places for the future of our Ward and the city. To start a great way to utilize resources to better the everyday healthcare needs of citizens, I plan on unifying clinics within Ward 8 to use new and modern technology to handle their administrative tasks such as scheduling. By standardizing the use of technology like Novari E Referrals, citizens will get scheduled much more efficiently across all clinics for all issues.

Furthermore, I will review issues that have been brought up within communities, but  have not been addressed. There are many times where people feel their issues are not being heard by the municipality as they never received a proper response. I will have a transparent system to evaluate each issue brought to my concern that directly affects the quality of life of the residents of Mississauga. Through this system, you will get updates on how I plan to resolve the issue, and where I am at in resolving said issue. Having a clear line of communication with me as your Ward Councillor is something I highly value as I dedicate myself to creating a better future for the Ward. I hope to learn about all problems that affect the members of our community, whether they are students, seniors, businesses, professionals, or even the families that have made this community their home and resolve them to the best of my abilities.

As we progress into the future with every passing moment, it is important to understand the significance of the youth in our Ward and our city. Ward 8 is blessed with many young people that will be the leaders of our future and we must involve them in the community to maintain our prosperity. By presenting more opportunities for youth to be active members in the community through increased funding of local recreational activities, we will be providing the youth with fun, exciting activities that they can invest their time and effort into. Alongside the development of our youth, we must also provide care and accept the opinions we receive from the seniors in our community. As residents who have lived for many years and that understand the true issues that we face, they are able to give an insight into what needs to be done to better our Ward and our city. By creating a committee consisting of all the community centers and other community groups in Ward 8, we can help empower youth and seniors, while also enabling these groups to work together and create larger and better events.

The University of Toronto is a highly recognized establishment for education and we are very blessed to have a satellite campus of our own in Mississauga. With thousands of students pursuing a higher education at our university, we must ensure that they are successfully able to receive the education that they are paying for and dedicating their lives to. We want to be proud of UTM’s accomplishments and I want the academic community to appreciate and enjoy the services of our university and thus we will be focused on solving the issues that affect our students, faculty, and all visitors of the university to ensure they enjoy their stay in our city, ward, and campus. Thus, I will be creating a committee to increase the communication between us and the students and staff of the university to be able to understand the problems they face and work towards solving them.