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About Tariq Shah

I have been a resident of Mississauga for the past 15 years with my family. During this time, I have been in leadership roles for several organizations including Rotary Club Mississauga, Canada – Pakistan Friendship Association, Ontario’s Largest Annual Multicultural Festival – Carassauga and many other non-profit organizations. I am always willing to help the people of Mississauga and I have many plans to improve our lifestyles and better our future. I strongly urge all of you, my friends, to give me suggestions and join me as we walk together to achieve our common goals to make our city even more prosperous and successful. The growing and diverse population of Mississauga is our greatest asset. One of my core beliefs behind my campaign is that a good way to address all your questions and concerns is to provide an accessible channel of communication by setting up an official online forum. Through this forum we can engage every citizen and they will have the opportunity to freely and properly voice their thoughts and opinions to help make our community better.

  • Representation

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